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Art of applying Makeup - Chin, Lips, Eyes

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Art of applying Makeup - Chin, Lips, Eyes

Beauty Tips & Tricks : Art of applying Makeup Expertly practices makeup tips can transform an ugly woman into a beauty. Correct makeup tricks camouflage facial defects and bring out natural secrets of beauty. To determine as to which features are to be subdued and which are to be emphasised, study the front and the profile of your face carefully in the mirror and decide for yourself where corrective makeup is necessary.
Remember very few are born with perfect features, most of us have our good and bad points and the ones who know how to camouflage the bad points they come out the winners in the race for beauty. If you want to be one of the lucky few who knows this art, follow the hints given below.


  • Double chin: Apply normal foundation color, then pat a lighter shade on the appropriate part of the chin and blend it right round the chin.
  • Receding chin: Apply normal foundation color, and then place a thin line of lighter foundation in the natural hollow just below the lower lip. Blend well. Powder with a shade lighter than the one applied to the rest of the face.
  • Prominent chin: Use a darker foundation on the chin and powder with a corresponding shade of powder.
  • Pointed chin: Pat a lighter foundation around the edge of the chin and blend into the foundation color. Powder with a shade lighter than the one which is applied to the rest of the face.

  • Thick lips: They can be made to look thinner by painting them within the natural lipline and covering the remaining area with the foundation cream.
  • Small mouth: Extend the corners of both the lips.
  • Lips unevenly shaped: Reshape the uneven edge to balance the good side, and fill in with lipstick.
  • Top lip protrudes over narrow lower lip: Emphasise the lower lip widen and lengthen it slightly fill in the drooping curves of top lip, and then fill in the shape.

  • Close set eyes: Apply eye shadow to the upper eyelids blending the shadow upwards and outwards towards the outer corner of the eye continue to blend until the shadow is considerably fainter in the area of the nose and the eye and some what darker at the outer corner. Then, with the help of brow pencil draw a line away from the inner corner of the eye and extend the line beyond the outer corner.
  • Blend the line so that like the shadow it is faint at the inner corners and darker at the outer corners. Increase the distance between the eyebrows by tweezing, to make them appear wider apart.
  • Deep-set eyes: Use a lighter foundation color immediately above the socket area of the upper eyelids and blend with the foundation color. Do not use eye shadow as the sunken effect will increase instead of decreasing.
  • Drooping: They can be given a lift by tilting the eyeline upwards and outwards before it reaches the outer corner of the upper lip. The shadow should be winged upwards avoiding the area at the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Round eyes: Make them appear larger by extending eye shadow beyond the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Bulging eyes: Use a dark shadow and blend it carefully over the prominent part of the upper lids carrying it lightly to the line of the brows.
  • Small eyes: They can look larger by using two kinds of Shadow. Use the brown shadow on the lip creases after applying beige to the lids.
  • Sagging under eye tissues: Rub a very thin coating of Unbeaten egg white into the area with your fingertips. Allow it to dry and then apply makeup foundation very carefully over it.
  • The lined areas directly under the eyes are temporarily smoothed by the drying effects of the egg white. But be sure to use oil afterwards on this area, after you have removed the egg white because egg white has a drying effect on the skin. I should warn you this coat will only last for 3 hours.
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