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Do it yourselft Aromatherapy Recipes

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Do it yourselft Aromatherapy Recipes

Do it yourselft Aromatherapy Recipes Does the idea of making your own aromatherapy blends conjure images of witches stirring big steaming cauldrons? You're not alone. Somehow it seems far easier to walk into a Wal-Mart and pick up a couple of mass produced bottles of the stuff from the beauty specials department, bring them home, pour some into a bathtub and be done with it! However, many people are discovering that the actual process of making their own is almost as therapeutic as using them!

Witches' brew, or gentle remedy?
Inventing aromatherapy recipes yourself can definitely help you get in touch with your creative side. You get to choose what fragrances you like, the intensity and the blends. You can turn your concoctions into bath salts, oils, hair treatments, and inhalation preparations and add them to massage cream, and use them as the mood strikes. There's much to be said about the healing properties of some aromatherapy recipes. Granted, some blends may be purely for added wellbeing, in that the enjoyment of a particular fragrance makes us feel good about our environment and ourselves. But some truly offer benefits to our emotional and physical health. A prime example is anxiety. If you were to feel a panic attack coming on, or felt that anxious feelings were beginning to overwhelm, certain aromatherapy recipes are particularly useful in treating such symptoms. Try the following blend of essential oils: 1 part neroli (orange blossom) 1 part marjoram 1 part bergamot An alternative is: 1 part sandalwood 2 parts bergamot 3 parts lavender For more basic life issues, aromatherapy recipes abound. Does anyone in your family have smelly feet? Shake a few drops of lemon essential oil combined with tea tree oil on a cotton ball and placed inside

afflicted shoes, works wonders and results in sweet feet! As for more physically compelling requirements for treatment, consider the use of aromatherapy recipes for migraine headaches. If you can successfully use these instead of pills, you may avoid a potentially liver-damaging medicine and still enjoy an improvement in your health. Migraines tend to respond better to head, face and neck massages than simple inhalations. Massage these parts with ten drops of rosemary essential oil per ounce of carrier oil, or if this technique is not possible, say at the office, try applying the rosemary oil on to a tissue and continue to inhale. There are aromatherapy recipes for so many conditions, and there is a wealth of them to be found on the Internet or at the library. One thing to consider, however, is that some oils and blends can actually be harmful under some circumstances. Never use undiluted essential oils on the body. Substances such as lavender and tea tree oil are safe, but until you have a comprehensive understanding of others, it's best not to risk irritation or worse damage to the skin. Some oils can even be allergens to sensitive people so it's wise to test on a small area first, just as you would with an untried brand of cosmetics. People who suffer from conditions such as asthma or epilepsy, or who are pregnant, must avoid some oils. Again, information can be your best friend. So dust off the cauldron and get to work. The remedy for what ails you could be right under your nose!

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